Gold miners is a dedicated company aiming at increasing job opportunities mainly for the youths and also focused at eradicating poverty in the country. Gold miners was founded by three leading online entrepreneurs with an aim of selling electronic books (E-books) at an affordable price to its clients
Unlike other Ponzi or pyramid scums, we strive to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. ARE WE GENUINE? The answer is yes. We have products that can be re-sold, e-books being the main products two.
Whenever a client joins the business, he or she is supposed to purchase our products for KSH. 5000. With such an amount, the business manages to pay its distributors evenly and cater for other overhead costs incurred by the business
For you to become a member of Gold miners, you must provide documents to show that you are 18 years and above. The required documents include/might include the national identity card, a valid passport, a birth certificate or any other valid recognition document issued by the government of Kenya
Yes, the business is managed by a trusted and qualified team. Each account has a limitation to control the inflow and outflow of cash
Our withdrawals are authorized by a single payment system. these withdrawals are strictly processed through mpesa and sent to the client’s account after an hour